Flat Metal Napkin Tissue

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This product is a flat napkin holder that is made of metal and has a weighted tension arm. It is a useful and stylish item for your kitchen, dining room, or any other place where you need napkins. This napkin holder can hold a stack of napkins securely and neatly. It has a flat base that can fit on any countertop, table, or shelf. It also has a rustic design that adds some charm and character to your decor. The napkin holder has a weighted tension arm that rests on top of the napkins and keeps them in place.

The tension arm also allows you to pull out one napkin at a time without disturbing the rest. The napkin holder can accommodate different sizes and types of napkins, such as paper, cloth, or tissue. It is easy to refill and clean. This product is a great accessory for your home or office. It is also a great gift idea for your family and friends who love cooking, eating, or entertaining.


5 reviews for Flat Metal Napkin Tissue

  1. Ellie (verified owner)

    The contemporary design of this metal napkin holder complements my modern kitchen decor beautifully.

  2. Isla (verified owner)

    This tissue holder is easy to use, making it a convenient addition to any room.

  3. Zoe (verified owner)

    I find this napkin holder to be a versatile kitchen tool. It can also hold small kitchen towels.

  4. Callie (verified owner)

    So glad to have made this investment.

  5. Juliette (verified owner)

    Delivered exactly what I needed.

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